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75 years . . . and counting . . .

Dominion Electric Supply turned 75 in March 2015. Thank you for your business and helping get us here!

To say that we’re a community landmark is an understatement.

Since 1940, Dominion Electric has served the Washington D.C./Baltimore area, providing electrical supplies and lighting fixtures to professionals and homeowners alike. Interested in the latest LED technology? Looking to incorporate some of the newest energy-saving systems into your residence or commercial facility? Our unrivaled inventory and extensive resources ensure that we will get you what you need when you need it…at a competitive price.


Family owned. Independently operated. Locally run.

But for us, that’s just a small part of it. We think high-tech, but we’re old-fashioned, too. In an era when customer service has become increasingly impersonal, we continue to hold fast to the values upon which we were founded: quality products are one thing, but it’s people that make the difference.

We nail it when it comes to experience and expertise…

– Stephen Krooth,
Chief Executive Officer


When you come to us, the focus is on you.

In its third generation of family ownership, Dominion Electric offers the personalized attention, counsel and flexibility that you won’t receive at a big box store or online. Sure, we want to sell you product, but making a sale isn’t terribly interesting to us if you aren’t equipped with the knowledge you need to make the right purchasing decision. Overwhelmed by the prospect of lighting a large home? We’ll break it down for you. Searching for a classy selection for a small space? We’ll take the time to address all of your options. Faced with a lighting issue or electrical design challenge that’s particularly unusual? We thrive on devising creative, practical solutions that get the job done…and done exceptionally well.

We have the answers.

Collectively, our highly trained team of certified lighting designers, showroom consultants, switchgear specialists and counter salespeople boast over 3500 total years of service. We have 153 employees with 10 years or more. Sound over the top? Perhaps, but it’s true. What’s more, we regularly invest in this vast knowledge base through continuing education: our team members are active participants in manufacturers’ training sessions, seminars, workshops and trade events, giving them constant insight on the latest technologies, product designs, upcoming trends and new developments. We may be old-fashioned about customer service. But our solutions are cutting-edge.


Dominion Electric Supply. Quality products. Dedicated people. Top-flight service. You’ll see what we mean.