Something cool for back-to-school

A little flair goes a long way whether in your room or on your study desk. We have a lot of lights to choose from in our showrooms. Pick yours today!
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Z-Bar Slim LED Desk Lamp

When the best in design meets clever engineering, the result is the amazing Equo Collection. Supported by a pencil-thin body attached to a weighted base, the sleek and elegant desk lamp seems to defy gravity. Mounted to the body is a counterbalanced arm that can move the LED light head up and down and place the light where it is desired with a simple one-finger touch. Extend the slim body to about four feet in height and you have the Equo floor lamp. This incredible collection provides a thin yet functional LED light source for any room.

Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp

Delivering a phenomenal 99 lumens per watt efficiency, Mosso Pro changes light colors from warm to cool and anything in between. An intuitive built-in touchstrip allows for effortless continuous dimming. Built-in occupancy sensor ensures no energy is wasted lighting up a vacant desk. For smart phone enthusiasts, Mosso Pro comes standard with an USB port, or optionally a wireless charging base is available for recharging Qi-compatible mobile devices. With Mosso Pro, anything is possible.

Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp
Change Colors - Touch the lens to change the light from cool to warm.
Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp
Flexibility - Highly adjustable arms and lamp head.                                               
Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp
Charge Your Device - Charge your phone, tablet, or any USB devices.
Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp
Wireless Charging (optional) - Charge your Qi-compatible devices.
Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp
Toggle Switch - Easy to control On / Off switch.
Dimming - Just slide your finger across the touch strip to dim the light.
Integrated Occupancy Sensor - Turns itself off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Desk Lamps for Back to School and Work

The kids are back at school and you're back to the school year schedule. You've shopped for new school clothes, shoes, backpacks,lunch boxes and books. If you have a college student, you've moved them into their dorm, along with everything a student needs while away from home.

Have you updated your student's desk lamp lately? Or your own? Good task lighting is a critical part of studying and working. It can increase productivity, decrease eye strain and allow you to focus actively for longer periods.

As we age, our eyes also need higher quality and stronger light to function efficiently. The American Lighting Association suggests several tips for aging eyes - all targeted at making it easier to perform the daily work tasks we all need to do, while reducing eye fatigue. Often even standard daylight isn't enough, especially if there's no direct sunlight on your workspace.

The days of the old white incandescent desk and task lamps are behind us. Today's desk lamps are style-forward and feature the latest LED technology. Businesses are converting to LED lighting for the cost savings, and you can jump on the LED bandwagon to save money, too. The advantages of LED are numerous: high light output with low energy demand, long-lasting bulbs and no heat production. Choose from hundreds of designs and finishes, from vibrant colors to cool chrome. These lamps will fit anywhere – even on the smallest footprint on your desk or counter.

The Today Show recommends LED lamps for dorms - Lizzie Grover, of Zoom Interiors, an online interior design company that specializes in small spaces like dorm rooms, states, "This is a huge must...table lamps (one for the desk and one by the bed) are a good investment." The good news is that many LED styles are also compact and slender - making them a perfect fit for those with limited desk space.


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