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Happy New Year!  Did you get what you really wanted over the holidays or just want to start on some long put off projects?  We can help a little bit.  We've got some great gear and tools on special this month just for you.

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Please open to read about the recall of Philips PAR16 60W 120V Halogen lamp



The lamp market is changing fast!  Here are a couple advancements from Sylvania:

First to market with long lasting, energy efficient, SYLVANIA ULTRA LED MR16 LED lamps are now true halogen equivalent lamps when comparing lumen output and center beam candlepower.

The new aesthetically pleasing design of the ULTRA LED Glass PAR lamps make spot re-lamping to energy efficient lamps easier.



Dominion Electric Supply Company of Washington, LLC is a certified Local Business Enterprise (LBE) in the District of Columbia Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) program.

Certification number: LZ85063062017.

They look forward to fulfilling your needs for the CBE program. Your inquiries, quotes and orders will be handled with the same care and attention that you have always received in the past. Thank you for your business!

22 K Street, N.E., Washington, DC • Phone: 202-789-0500 • Fax: 202-289-3919

HOURS: Monday – Friday 5:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. •

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DOE 2016 Transformer Efficiency Standards

From the US Department of Energy Website:

Beginning in 2016, newly amended energy efficiency standards for distribution transformers will save up to $12.9 billion in total costs to consumers — ultimately saving families and businesses money while also reducing energy consumption. The new distribution transformer standards will also save 3.63 quadrillion British thermal units of energy for equipment sold over the 30-year period of 2016 to 2045.

The new amendments to the existing efficiency standards would further decrease electrical losses by about 8 percent for liquid-immersed transformers, 13 percent for medium-voltage dry-type transformers, and 18 percent for low-voltage dry-type transformers. In addition, about 264.7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions will be avoided, equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of about 51.75 million automobiles.



Southwire Coil Paks are on the counter