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Reducing energy costs without sacrificing efficiency continues to be a critical concern of most organizations. Dominion has provided energy management consulting, supplies, maintenance and service for a wide variety of projects.

Often, Dominion is called upon to recommend the best and most energy-efficient use of lighting and electrical systems. Office environments with computer terminals, manufacturing facilities, shopping centers and apartments, for example, all have distinctly different needs. Our energy management staff is qualified to advise clients on what products will best suit their needs.

Dominion also has outstanding relationships with a wide variety of vendors who offer preferred pricing on a full range of lighting systems, lamps, switchgear, ballasts, occupancy sensors, controls and other energy management supplies.


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Codes and Controls

  • Commercial Building Energy Code Requirements for Light Control. (PDF/426KB) Provided by Lutron. Michael Jouaneh, CEM, LEED AP, September 20, 2012. This document summarizes the lighting control requirements and optional control credits for commercial buildings according to the nation’s top energy and green building codes/standards – California’s Title 24, the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), ASHRAE 90.1, International Green Construction Code (IgCC), and ASHRAE 189.1. It is for information purposes only. It is not meant to replace those codes/standards. Please refer to those standards for precise interpretation.

Federal Legislation
on Light Bulbs

Two great brochures highlighting the changes featured in The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. Download them here:

and they have provided more information on lamp replacement options on their website - visit: