New Energy Efficiency Requirements for Light Bulbs

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In California, and a year later throughout the U.S., the 100 watt household bulb will be replaced with a lower wattage, more efficient (lumens/watt) version followed by replacements for the 75, 60 and 40 watt lamps in upcoming years.

The American Lighting Association has written a simple one-page summary of these changes ~ Find it here

And the Alliance to Save Energy has a great website that outlines your lighting options

Our own Linda Morley provided the lighting design for a special Lighting Makeover hosted by the American Lighting Association, the Alliance to Save Energy, and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. The Makeover showcased the many energy-efficient lighting options available to consumers.

The light bulbs in interior designer Rose DiNapoli’s home were changed to energy-efficient options. The LUMEN Coalition held a press conference explaining the lighting transition and showcasing the variety of efficient lighting choices.

The Makeover Overview:


Rooms with new bulbs: 7
Number of bulbs changed: 34
Number of bulbs impacted by EISA: 9
Payback time for EISA-impacted bulbs:
- CFLs: 3 months
- Halogen Incandescents: 3 months
- LEDs: 4 years - 8.5 years


Total lifetime energy savings: $2,795.30
Total net savings: $2,313.10

The press event and Makeover comes as the nation transitions to more efficient lighting beginning January 2012. See the video: Lumen-Lighting-Makeover