Residential Lighting Time Table

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6 Months before house completion:

Before you meet your lighting consultant, you should consider the following questions and how they pertain to each room of your new home:

  1. What is the function of the space?
  2. What tasks will be performed there?
  3. What objects do you want to highlight?
  4. Which architectural features should be emphasized?
  5. What will your furniture layout be?

Four to five months:

  • Schedule your initial consultation with a Dominion lighting consultant (blueprints and budget will be needed and reviewed at this appointment).
  • Meet with your consultant and together draw a preliminary layout.

Three to four months:

  • Schedule your second appointment with Dominion to finish the layout.
  • Get any necessary approvals.
  • Confirm selections or think about questions for builder.
  • Review any questionable aspects.
  • Confirm initial layout.
  • Verify plans against actual construction.
  • Choose decorative fixtures with lighting consultant who will help with specifications.

Three months:

  • Meet with lighting consultant to confirm and order fixtures and other systems.
  • Sign off on selections.
  • Make any final changes now!
  • Order fixtures.

Two to four weeks:

  • Electrician installs fixtures.

After move-in:

  • Enjoy your selections!
  • In-house landscape lighting consultation.
  • Any other consultation with Dominion lighting consultant.
  • Thank you! To make sure everything is okay and discuss future plans, feel free to contact Dominion at any time.