PEPCO C&I Energy Savings Program

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PEPCO C&I Energy Savings Program

In this day and age, you and your fellow business owners are constantly struggling to keep pace with rising costs. To help our business customers, Pepco has developed a program designed to promote and encourage energy efficiency projects large and small. From changing out light fixtures to replacing major mechanical equipment, the program provides cash incentives to reduce qualified project costs. Each of the incentive plans that compose this incentive program are designed to support the purchase and installation of specific energy efficiency upgrades that play a vital role in making your building more efficient and reducing your electric bill.

Lighting provides the highest return on investment, resulting in the fastest payback.

Lighting represents a large portion of electrical consumption for commercial and industrial buildings. Pepco’s lighting and controls incentives provide benefits you see right away, such as: instant energy savings, improved lighting quality, and enhanced productivity, as well as experiencing the long term benefit of having longer-lasting lamps that will reduce your maintenance expense.

Please review the program application guidelines, the terms and conditions, as well as the specific criteria for each of the incentive categories and fixture upgrade measures. Call Dominion Electric Supply Co, a program trade ally for assistance.

Barb Waterman
Lamps & Energy Management

Please refer to Pepco's Prescriptive Lighting Application and the Prescriptive Lighting Workbook for specific program participation details, guidelines, and requirements.


Trade Ally Network

Trade Allies are technical partners who are closely familiar with the program’s guidelines and are integral to the program. Our Trade Allies are responsible for assisting customers in meeting their energy savings goal and advising new customers of the incentives available through the program.