Chandelier: a decorative hanging light with branches for several light bulbs or candles. Please note that display items can be purchased.
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  • MAX 2852EG Elegante-Multi-Tier Chandelier Dry Rated|OutdoorXTropicalGold
    Maxim 2852EG Elegante-Multi-Tier Chandelier
    Price:  $748.00 / ea
    Available:  2-4 weeks
  • SCH 3587-23OS Renaissance Rock Crystal 8 Light 110V Chandelier in Etruscan Gold with Olivine And Smoke Topaz Clear 8X60B10
    Schonbek 3587-23OS Renaissance Rock Crystal 8 Light 110V...
    Price:  $4,225.00 / ea
    On display at Laurel
1 - 2 of 2 Items
 Items per page
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