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Save energy costs with LED Replacements

Learn about LED Bulbs

Save over $176 per LED Replacement Bulb
Come in to Dominion Electric Supply today to find the best LED bulbs for every room in your home.

When you replace an incandescent bulb with an LED, you are getting the same light output for just one-fifth the energy use – and cost. And, since the average kilowatt/hour rate in our region is 13 cents, the savings start adding up as soon as you turn on the lights.

Now is the Time to Act!
Should you wait for a light bulb to burn out before replacing it? No. It makes more financial and environmental sense to throw away an incandescent light bulb now and replace it with an energy efficient LED light bulb than to wait for the light to burn out before changing it. Remember, LEDs use about one-fifth the electricity. The incandescent bulb is going to burn out sooner or later and end up in landfill eventually, so you’re not creating any additional waste by tossing the light now and switching to a more efficient light immediately.

If you could save over $176 for every light bulb that you replace, wouldn’t you? That’s the sum of the energy savings and bulb replacement costs when you replace just one incandescent bulb with an LED bulb. Other light bulb choices include CFLs and halogen, which continue to be updated as new energy-efficient models with options such as dimmer compatibility.

Cost Savings of LED Flood Bulb vs Incandescent over 25,000 hours

  LED (12 Watt)   INCANDESCENT (65 Watt)
Bulb Cost   $25.00   $30.36 ($2.53 x 12 Bulbs)
NOTE: 65 watt incandescent bulbs cost $2.53 each. It takes 12 bulbs to replace one LED bulb.
Kilowatt Cost   $39.00   $211.25
NOTE: Based on a cost of 13 cents per kilowatt hour over the lifetime of an LED bulb (25,000 hours).
TOTAL COST   $64.00   $241.61
NOTE: That’s a savings of $177 per bulb! Bulb replacement in multiple locations can also save an additional 20% in air conditioning costs during the summer. Savings are based on an average daily bulb burn time of 5.4 hours.

TOTAL SAVINGS — $177.61 per bulb

LED Replacement Bulbs Savings Chart