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tape, connectors, heat shrink, wire marking, fire protection, cable accessories
full line of efficient RLM and designer fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting applications
electronic, compact, HID, magnetic
bare copper, tinned bare copper
residential/commercial task lighting
EMT, IMC, Kwik Fit, Rigid
domestic manufacturer and developer of precision electrical conduit fittings
armored cables
pulling lubricant
testing instruments
explosion proof lighting and fittings
diecast fittings for EMT rigid, NM, BX, MC & HCF
for control wiring, data, telecom
quality economical fluorescent, HID, decorative, security, ADA and Energy Star lighting
box, cable, pipe mtg hardware
bolted pressure switches, manual transfer switches, dc disconnect switches
diecast fittings
Romex, BX/MC, SEC. 100, 500, Kegs
ventilation and convenience products for the home (doorbells, intercoms, fans, heaters, central vac, ironing center)
critical circuit protection fuses, power management and electrical safety
fasteners, conduit wire box
electric heaters
molds, weld metals (shots), accessories
specialized calculators and electronic tools for business and industry
PVC fittings, boxes, pipe
residential & commerical
double-insulated tools and electrical safety solutions - 1000V tools & PPE
high visibility extension cords
high speed metal bits, taps
American manufacturer of high quality professional hand tools since 1886
steel fittings, boxes and pipe
industrial, commercial and residential wiring products
straight sections fittings, hardware
lubricants, cleaners, silicone
commerical & residential fixtures, fluorescent, incandescent & HID fixtures
commerical lighting products
emergency lighting units and exit signs
cold weather heating products. warm tiles - floor warming; heat trace - water pipe; heat mats - sidewalk, driveway, gutter
signaling equipment, transformers, doorbell buttons
complete line of emergency lighting
specialty products, lamp holders
batteries, flashlights
sensor systems, advanced thermal imaging and threat detection
Tools and Testers
architectural direct and indirect lighting
custom contract lighting. ADA sconces and pendants
metal channel - 10 & 20 ft. lengths fittings
electrical tools, supplies
light systems, fixtures, lamps
standby generators
punches, benders, testers, bits
residential/commercial track, recessed
surface mount raceway, tiewraps
hinged, NEMA 1 and 3R types
thermostats, T-stat guards
full line of industrial/commericial lighting
wiring devices
hand tools, wire nuts, fish tapes, datacom tools, voice & data
mechanical and compression lugs, splices, taps
wall box timers, time clocks Iris architectural grade recessed lighting for residential
pulling type, lace up, wiremesh support
vandal-proof fixtures
smoke detectors (alarms*) meets specific requirements of areas of the home and types of fires
LB, LR, T, C type, conduits, exp. proof fittings, FS boxes and covers
hand tools, testers, datacom tools
spray paints
wiring devices and lighting controls for the commercial, industrial and residential markets
voice & data products - Cat 5e, Cat 6 and Fiber Optics
Residential,PVC, Commerical Countertop boxes and accessories, serving the electrical industry
commercial and residential lighting; recessed, track, lighting controls
commercial fixtures, fluorescent, HID, recessed, battery packs, exits, emergency lighting
circuit protection, relay and control products
wood and fiberglass
dimming products, lighting contol systems, radioRA, controllable window treatments
power tools, accessories
fasteners, hangers, straps, spring steel fasteners
fluorescent lighting residential/commercial
wallplates (metal and plastic), weatherproof, box covers, conduit bodies
flame seal, fire stop, heat cable for pipes, snow melt
specialty wire and cable
innovative cable and connectivity solutions
steel & malleable conduit fittings; steel set screw & comp. EMT fittings
whisper-quiet, energy efficient ventilation fans
electrical accessories, voice & data
PVC coated conduit
line isolation monitors, x-ray & laser isolation panels, hospital isolation power systems, film viewers, exposed aluminum raceway
low and medium voltage switchgear
toggle bolts, anchors
fire rated for fire pump feeders, heating for snow melt, slab heat
electric heating and ventilating products
hand holes, sidewalk boxes
Energy efficient outdoor lighting and affordable LED outdoor lighting
innovative products from creative electricians everywhere
steel boxes, fittings, plastic boxes
floor warming, snow melting, self regulating for water pipe & gutters
cutting & threading tools, oilers, tri-stands, pipe cutters, wrenches
pad mounted switches, utility switches, pad mounted transformers
Emergency and night lights
electrical distribution, control and power quality products 
Cable cutting and stripping tools and bench top machines
electrical distribution products. residential panels, commercial gear, panelboards
NOW in-stock! Copper Wire in 9 different colors including SIMpull THHN Sizes #8 to 750MCM. Rubber cord sets, Liquid-tight conduit
voice & data
industrial and commercial fittings, fastening, terminals, boxes, strut, connectors
steel & malleable conduit fittings
time clocks, photo cells
quality attic ventilation products proudly made in the USA
HID lamps
energy efficient lighting controls for commercial and residential use
electronic cable, wire
surface mounted raceway boxes, fittings, (metallic and nonmetallic), wire management, datacom, walker products
lighting contactors, transfer switches