Meet the Team

Meet some of our Lighting Consultants. Dominion Electric Supply’s team of ALA-certified residential lighting consultants has collectively racked up over a century’s worth of experience. With an emphasis on continuing education, their combination of technical knowledge and creative prowess ranks them among the most capable experts in the industry.
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Antonella Bonvicini

Arlington Showroom

13 years with Dominion
Showroom Manager
ALA Certified Lighting Specialist
Landscape Design

“ A chandelier is like the jewel in the crown. The best or most valuable piece of lighting in the room. ”

Nicole Brose

Arlington Design & Specification

28 years of design experience
Design degree from VA Tech
ASID member

I love adding a chandelier in an unexpected space in my designs – a walk-in closet, a small powder room, even a child’s playroom. Let’s face it: we all need a little glamour! ”

Ingrid Clarke

Arlington Showroom

ALA Certified Lighting Specialist
Supervisor of Retail Sales
11 years with Dominion

When you layer all your lighting, you always have just the right amount of light for any activity. 

Mai Du

Arlington Showroom

ALA Certified Lighting Specialist
Over 15 years in Lighting

Lighting is the Pearl Necklace on the Black Dress!

Kate Gildchrist

Arlington Showroom

ALA Certified Lighting Specialist
1 year at Dominion

Lighting is truly a form of art and it represents how we want people to perceive us. I love helping my clients channel their personal style into their own unique lighting design!

Dave Konstantin

Arlington Showroom

ALA Certified Lighting Specialist
19 years of showroom experience with Dominion and have run my own lighting-design firm for nearly that long

Never underestimate the power of thoughtful lighting to transform a space. It's always worth the time to do it right. ”

Irving Pocasangre

Arlington Showroom

ALA Certified Lighting Specialist
3 years with Dominion

“ I look at lighting as the Art and Magic in the room. Light is mesmerizing, ethereal, warm and dramatic- the right design can transform the entire room into exactly that. ”

Linda Morley

Arlington Design & Specification

45 years of lighting design and consultation experience

I have collaborated on numerous educational opportunities for consumers. After all these years, one of my favorite things about this career is learning what will satisfy my customer’s lighting needs and desires. ”

Giorgina Schnurr

Arlington Design & Specification

49 years in Lighting Design

I have always had a great passion for art, and to me, lighting design is an extension of that. My clients have come to describe my style as ‘painting with light,’ and there is a lot of truth to that: lighting a space is, in many ways, like applying paint to a canvas. ”

Patricia Stanley

Arlington Design & Specification

Over 40 years of design and specification experience in residential, commercial and landscape lighting

I have a diverse clientele that takes me out of the state and the country on a regular basis. No matter where I am, I love every aspect of lighting, and I enjoy implementing the latest in technology. ”

Tamara Flowers

Chantilly Showroom

Customer Service and Reception

Always ready to provide old fashioned, personable, customer service.  ”

Amanda Leonard

Chantilly Showroom

Showroom Manager
22 years in lighting design
ALA Certified Lighting Specialist

I love the specifications and detail of finalizing a lighting package, from remodeling a kitchen to a custom-built home. ”

Tami Pryor

Chantilly Showroom

Customer Service

Find something that you love and don’t settle. You have to look at it every day. ”

Valerie Ramos

Chantilly Showroom

ALA Certified Lighting Specialist
Degree in Interior Design
14 years in the lighting business

Dim everything. It allows you the flexibility to create such a wonderful atmosphere in every space. Layers of light are also key; they serve a purpose, and add depth and dimension. ”

Catherine Schlawin

Manager of Project Homes

28 years with us
ALA Certified Lighting Consultant

I love the evolving technology of LED lighting, and the fun new things in social media like Pinterest, which really helps me gather inspiration for my designs. ”

Erin Schwartz

Chantilly Showroom

BA in interior design 
ASID allied member
ALA Certified Lighting Specialist
more than 30 years in lighting

I advise my clients to purchase fixtures that have longevity – something they will want to have in their home for many years to come. Good design and quality last forever. 

Oscar Moreno

Design & Specification working in Gaithersburg

Lighting Design for more than 20 years throughout the DC Metro Area

Although I lean toward contemporary, clean lines and a neutral palette, I always listen to my customers and give them what they want, even if it's the unexpected! ”

Mary Barvir

Laurel Showroom

A.A. Degree in Fine Arts
ALA Certified Lighting Specialist

Always include table and floor lamps in your décor for a brighter life. ”

Marcia Hussey

Laurel Showroom

29 years with Dominion
ALA Certified Lighting Specialist 
ASID member and a past board member of IFDA

I strive to bring life and beauty to a building or object with light. "Let there be light". ”

Marie McLaughlin

Laurel Showroom

Many years in the lighting industry
17 with Dominion 

I love incorporating the new LED Technology in my projects. ”

Mary K. Smathers

Laurel Showroom

ALA Certified Lighting Specialist
two years with Dominion 

Don't forget the controls! Dimming is such an important element of lighting. It helps control the mood and look of a room. ”